The Repeater Control

The Repeater class provides a great many properties and exposes a number of useful events. The most important of these are summarized in Table 13-2.

Table 13-2. Properties and events of the Repeater control

Property or event name


AlternatingItemTemplate property

Gets or sets the alternating item template

Controls property

Gets the ControlCollection object containing all the child controls

DataMember property

Gets or sets the specific table in the DataSource to bind to the control

DataSource property

Gets or sets the data source

FooterTemplate property

Gets or sets the footer template

HeaderTemplate property

Gets or sets the header template

ItemCommand event

Fired when a button is clicked

ItemCreated event

Fired when an item is created

ItemDataBound event

Fired after an item is databound but before it is rendered

Items property

Gets a collection of repeater item objects

PreRender event

Fired when the control is about to render its containing Page object

SeparatorTemplate property

Gets or sets the separator template

The Repeater control is often referred to as lookless to indicate that the control has no intrinsic appearance. You control the look and feel of the Repeater control through templates.

There are templates to control the appearance of the header, the footer, each item, alternating items, and the separator between items, as shown in Table 13-3.

Table 13-3. Templates supported by the Repeater ...

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