Appendix 5. Setting Up the Embedded Linux Development Environment

In this appendix, we present the procedure for setting up a Linux host development environment to build the example applications from Chapter 12 for embedded Linux residing on the Arcom board. These GNU tools are different from the GNU tools covered in Appendix B.

Depending on the version of the Arcom board you ordered, embedded Linux comes preinstalled in flash memory. When the Arcom board is powered up, RedBoot executes a boot script to execute the Linux kernel residing in flash.


The procedure in this appendix is based on the Arcom board instructions found in the Arcom Embedded Linux Technical Manual, which is included in the development kit CD-ROM. Refer to the section titled “Installing the AEL Host Environment,” where AEL stands for Arcom Embedded Linux.

The install procedure has been verified on a Celeron computer running Linux Fedora Core 5. If you encounter problems installing the host build environment, we suggest you contact Arcom directly. For technical support in Europe, send email to . For technical support in the United States, send email to .

Linux Build Environment Setup

To ensure that applications you develop run properly on the Arcom board, you must compile and link your source code using the libraries present on the target board’s version of Linux.


Building applications for Linux using a Windows (and Cygwin) host is beyond the scope of this book. The Internet ...

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