The Tiles Tag Library

This section introduces the JSP custom tags used by the Tiles framework. Table 14-1 lists the tags available to the framework. The tags are very similar to the ones provided in any template-based framework, but with more functionality.

Table 14-1. Tags within the Tiles tag library

Tag name



Add an element to the surrounding list.


Create a tile component definition.


Get the content from request scope that was put there by a put tag.


Render the value of the specified tile/component/template attribute to the current JspWriter.


Import a tile’s attribute into the specified context.


Initialize a tile definitions factory.


Insert a tiles component.


Put an attribute into a tile context.


Declare a list that will be passed as an attribute.


Use an attribute value inside a page.

The insert Tag

The insert tag is responsible for inserting content into a page. In a layout tile, the insert tag prescribes where the content will go using attribute values. In a regular, non-layout tile, the insert tag is used to retrieve a layout and allow content to be passed to the layout using put tags. Table 14-2 lists the attributes for the insert tag.

Table 14-2. Attributes for the insert tag

Attribute name



The name of an attribute in the current tile/component context. The value of this attribute is passed ...

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