Chapter 8. MapPoint Web Service Render APIs

The Render Service is another of the four core components of the MapPoint Web Service, allowing you to render maps with places/addresses, routes, pushpins and more. In this chapter, we’ll take an in-depth look at the MapPoint Web Service Render APIs.

Understanding Render APIs

The Render Service end point is located at the RenderService.asmx, and the APIs available for it are exposed via the RenderServiceSoap class in the Web Service proxy (Reference.cs or Reference.vb).

The RenderServiceSoap class contains methods related to render functionality , namely GetMap, GetBestMapView, ConvertToLatLong, and ConvertToPoint, which can be used to get maps, get map views, and to convert a point on a map to a pixel coordinate or vice versa. Table 8-1 describes the methods of the RenderServiceSoap class.

Table 8-1. RenderServiceSoap methods




Converts pixel coordinates on a given map to latitude and longitude coordinates. Returns an array of LatLong objects from a given array of PixelCoord objects.


Converts latitude and longitude coordinates to pixel coordinates. Returns an array of PixelCoord objects from a given array of LatLong objects.


Creates a single best map view for displaying a set of locations. A best map view is the largest scale map that can be centered over the set of locations while displaying the entire location along with a small buffer. This method returns a MapViewRepresentations ...

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