Chapter 11. Integrating with Various Cloud Services

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More cloud services are now supporting the IoT, which opens numerous doors for cloud integration. There are many excellent books and online training guides that explore those services in detail, but it’s not possible to cover them all meaningfully here. Instead, this chapter will cover the basics of using MQTT to connect into a small handful of these services. It focuses on connectivity, not on analytics or cloud-specific services.

Why the limited focus?

Connecting different types of systems together is hard and often complex. This is particularly true when integrating the Cloud Tier and Edge Tier within an IoT environment. Once you’ve successfully (and securely1) established this connection and are properly managing your devices, the challenges are mostly centered on data management, event management, and analytics, which are common to non-IoT systems as well.


If you’re interested in further study on IoT security and various IoT-enabled cloud services, you might find these two other O’Reilly books useful: The Internet of Risky Things by Sean Smith, and Scalable Architecture for the Internet of Things by Dejan Mijic, Draško Draškovic, and Ervin Varga.

What You’ll Learn in This Chapter

How exactly ...

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