GIFgraph Reference

Table 6.1 lists the methods and attributes provided by GIFgraph.

Table 6-1. Methods and Attributes by Category



GIFgraph classes

GIFgraph::lines, GIFgraph::bars, GIFgraph::points,GIFgraph::linespoints, GIFgraph::area, GIFgraph::pie,GIFGraph::colour

Methods that apply to all graph classes

new( ), set_text_clr( ), set_title_font( ), plot( ), plot_to_gif( ), set( )

Methods for pie charts

set_label_font( ), set_value_font( )

Methods for charts with axes

set_x_axis_font ( ), set_x_label_font ( ), set_y_axis_font ( ),set_y_label_font ( )

Methods for legends

set_legend( ), set_legend_font( )

Methods for dealing with GIFgraph colors

_rgb, _hue, _luminance, colour_list, read_rgb,sorted_colour_list

Attributes for all graphs

accentclr, axislabelclr, b_margin, bgclr, dclrs, 
fgclr, gifx, gify, interlaced, l_margin, labelclr, 
logo, logo_position, logo_resize, r_margin, 
t_margin, textclr, transparent

Attributes for bars, lines, points, linespoints, and area charts

axis_space, box_axis, long_ticks, overwrite, 
tick_length, two_axes, x_label_skip,
x_plot_values, x_ticks, y_label_skip, y_min_
value, y_max_value, y_plot_values, y_tick_number, 
zero_axis, zero_axis_only

Attributes for graphs with lines

line_types, line_type_scale, line_width

Attributes for graphs with points

                              markers, marker_size

Attributes for legends

legend_marker_width, legend_marker_height, 
legend_placement, legend_spacing, lg_cols

Attributes for pie graphs

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