Subject Index



Abstinence. See under technique

Adversarial selfobject needs, xv

Affect attunement/differentiation disorders, 50

Affect regulation disorders, 50

Affirmation, needs for, 111

Ally-antagonist selfobject needs, xv

Analysts. See therapists

Analyzability, therapist—patient match and, 61

Androgynous self, 289

Assertive-exploratory mode, 48

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, 223248

medication and, 239

psychodynamic effects of, 230232, 240, 245

Autonomy, impossibility of complete, 81


Bipolar self. See Seft, bipolar

Borderline patients, treatment of, 15

optimal frustration in, 614

shift to narcissistic personality, 15


Case material

affective estrangement, 213217

attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, ...

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