Chapter 18. Importing and Exporting Project Information


  • Understanding general importing and exporting concepts

  • Exporting information

  • Importing information

  • Troubleshooting

Sometimes you need to move information in and out of Project. In many cases, you can simply copy and paste information. But, you will find times where you need to make these moves by using Project's import and export functions. You can import and export information using various file formats. For example, you might find it convenient to start a project in an Excel workbook, a SharePoint Project Tracking List, or Outlook's Task List and later import that project into Project.

Using Copy and Paste

Importing is the process of bringing information into a Project file from another program. Exporting is the process of sending information from Project to another program. Copying and pasting information is a simple way to import and export information.

The Copy and Paste functions in all Office 2010 programs have been vastly improved to make it exceedingly easy for you to share information across Office programs.

Copying Project data into other Office programs

Copying data from Project into another Office program is easy. Say, for example, that you want to copy a list of tasks from Project to another Office program or from another Office program to Project, copying and pasting works exceedingly well. Figure 18.1 shows a project in the Gantt Chart view in Project, and Figure 18.2 shows the project's task list — the ...

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