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Project Leadership

Book Description

This book traces the development of project leadership as fundamental to completing projects effectively, delineates the leadership tasks that must be accomplished at each step of a project's life, and helps the reader develop wisdom in making decisions both by learning the ramifications of certain decisions and by seeing how those decisions are made in an example project.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. CHAPTER 1 The Origins of Project Leadership
    1. Management
    2. Leadership
      1. Trait Theory
      2. Group Skills
      3. Situational Leadership
      4. Organizational Skills
      5. Leadership and Politics
      6. Charismatic Leadership
      7. Humane and Ethical Leadership
      8. Leadership Action Formulas
      9. Global and Societal Leadership
      10. Multicultural Leadership
    3. Project Management
      1. Definition of Project Management
      2. Project Lifecycle
    4. Project Leadership
      1. Project Lifecycle
      2. Types of Project Leadership Decisions
    5. The Business to Business (B2B) Project Case Study
      1. Business Model
      2. Business Philosophy
      3. Management Team
      4. Operational Highlights of CSM
  4. CHAPTER 2 Project Initiating
    1. Align the Project with the Parent Organization
    2. Perform Risk Analysis
    3. Justify and Select the Project
    4. Select Key Project Participants
    5. Determine Team Operating Methods
    6. Develop Top Management Support
    7. Commit to the Project
  5. CHAPTER 3 Project Planning
    1. Understand and Respond to the Customer
    2. Oversee Detailed Plan Development
    3. Integrate Project Plans
    4. Select Remainder of Project Participants
    5. Develop Communications Plan
    6. Motivate All Participants
    7. Secure Stakeholder Approval
  6. CHAPTER 4 Project Executing
    1. Authorize Work
    2. Monitor Progress and Control Changes
    3. Coordinate Work across Multiple Projects
    4. Supervise Work Performance
    5. Lead Teams
    6. Maintain Morale
    7. Secure Customer Acceptance
  7. CHAPTER 5 Project Closing
    1. Audit Project
    2. Terminate Project
    3. Capture and Share Lessons Learned
    4. Reassign Workers
    5. Reward and Recognize Participants
    6. Celebrate Project Completion
    7. Oversee Administrative Closure
  8. CHAPTER 6 Project Leadership Challenges
  9. APPENDIX A Project Leadership Assessment: Organizational
  10. APPENDIX B Project Leadership Assessment: Individual
  11. APPENDIX C Project Leadership Assessment: Team
  12. Glossary
  13. Bibliography
  14. Index