Chapter 2

The Key Documents

In This Chapter

arrow About documents and why you’ll need at least some

arrow When a document needn’t be a document

arrow Documents for Kick Off and the Planning Stage

arrow Documents for control, including progress reports

arrow Balancing the amount of documentation against the control needs

Chapter 1 contains a warning about not creating a ‘paper mountain’ in your project. However, unless you have a particularly good memory and nobody else will ever need to see any project information, you’re going to have to write some stuff down.

This chapter explains the range of documents you may want to think about for your project. You may not need all of them, but you can use the checklists to think through what you will need, and then how much detail you should go into, which in turn will depend on the control needs of the project. Later chapters in the book contain checklists that will then help you make sure that you’ve thought through everything correctly. Those chapters also include templates ...

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