Note: Page numbers followed by “e” indicates exhibits.

Agile project life cycle, 7, 8e

Analogous estimation, of cost, 87

Baseline consolidated project plan, 93

Bottom-up estimation, of cost, 88


aggregating, 8990, 91e, 120

as basis for control, 90

cash flow, 90, 91e

cumulative cost curve, 92e

determining, 8992

Cash flow, 90, 91e

Closing, a project

deliverables, transitioning, 110

lessons learned, capturing and sharing, 110111

post-project activities, completing, 111


appropriate, using, 106110

barriers, topics, and benefits, 105106

managing, 104110

understanding needs, 104

Contingency reserve, 8889

Core team members, 10


analogous estimation of, 87

bottom-up estimation of, 88

contingencies and uncertainty, ...

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