Chapter 14

Encouraging Peak Performance by Providing Effective Leadership

In This Chapter

arrow Defining the difference between leadership and management

arrow Identifying the traits of an effective leader

arrow Improving your ability to influence your project team

arrow Developing and maintaining motivation on your team

Because of the rapid changes occurring in every facet of business and personal life today, leadership is one of the most important issues facing organizations. Regardless of how your project team is structured, but particularly when you’re working in a matrix environment, your project’s success depends on your ability to organize, coordinate, and support a diverse team that’s working toward a common goal (see Chapter 9 for more specifics about the matrix structure). Often the people on your team come from different areas of your organization, have different operating styles, and don’t report to you administratively. Successfully guiding such a group of people requires both vision and structure.

This chapter discusses tips for aligning, focusing, and motivating the people supporting your ...

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