Thanks to everyone who contributed to this book, either directly or indirectly. This certainly includes my algorithm mentors, Arne Halaas and Bjørn Olstad, as well as the entire crew at Apress and my brilliant tech editors, Alex Martelli (for the first edition) and Stefan Turalski. Thanks to all the readers who pointed out errors in the first edition; I hope I have corrected most of them. I’d especially like to thank Gerald Senarclens de Grancy, who supplied an extensive, well-annotated list of errata covering the entire book. Thanks to Nils Grimsmo, Jon Marius Venstad, Ole Edsberg, Rolv Seehuus, and Jorg Rødsjø for useful input; to my girlfriend, Janne Varvára Seem, my parents, Kjersti Lie and Tor M. Hetland, and my sister, Anne ...

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