Chapter 4

Playing Around with AI on Cards, Sticks, and in the Cloud


Bullet Seeing the limitations of AI on a Raspberry Pi

Bullet Using the cloud to do AI

Bullet Using AI on graphics cards

If you’ve read the previous three chapters, you've learned quite a bit about using some of the basics of artificial intelligence, specifically neural networks and machine learning. AI encompasses a lot more than these two topics, though. If we had the space, we could look at advanced searching (not a Google type of searching but rather one that looks at big problem spaces and tries to figure out solutions to a problem using AI). We could also look at the problem of autonomous robotics (which we do touch on in Book 7), but that topic is complicated.

Instead, in this chapter, we talk about other ways of working with AI software beyond the Raspberry Pi. Remember how it took us seven hours to run five epochs of training on our large neural network? Sounds like we could use something more powerful to accomplish more training in less time. That’s what this chapter is about. To download the code for this chapter, go to and click the Downloads link to find the code for each ...

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