Chapter 16. DevOps War Stories and Interviews

Author: Noah

When I was finishing my last year of college at Cal Poly San Louis Obispo, I needed to take Organic Chemistry over the summer to graduate on time. Unfortunately, there was no financial aid over the summer, so I had to rent a house and get a full-time job. I was able to get a part-time job at the library for minimum wage, but it still wasn’t enough money. I scoured the help wanted ads and the only job popping up was for a bouncer at a vast country-western nightclub.

At my job interview, the manager who interviewed me was about six feet tall, close to three hundred pounds of mostly muscle. He also had a huge black eye. He told me that the previous weekend a large pack of people had beat up all the bouncers, including him. He told me it was between me and a shot-putter on the track team. To help decide between me and the shot-putter, he asked me if I would run in the middle of a similar fight. I told him that I wouldn’t run from a brawl and I got the job.

Later I started to realize that I may have been a little bit naive in estimating my courage and my abilities. There were some massive wrestlers and football players that would regularly come in and get into fights, and they were terrifying people. At one concert, they called in for backup because they were expecting trouble. A new bouncer with a mohawk and Chinese writing tattooed on his skull was my coworker for that event. Several years later I saw him on TV winning the ...

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