Appendix B. Finding Help

Between questions about how to do something in QuickBooks and about how to handle something in accounting, you probably need help more often than not. Finding answers isn’t always easy, however.

Although online help is renowned for telling you what you already know, QuickBooks 2006’s Help system is worth a look. As you’ll learn in this appendix, you can access Help topics in several ways depending on how you like searching for information. But if the QuickBooks help you find isn’t so helpful, you’ll also learn about other resources that might do better.

QuickBooks Help

For the most flexibility finding the help you want, choose Help → QuickBooks Help (or press F1). On the left side of the QuickBooks Help window are three tabs, each of which provides a different way to find the information you want. The pros and cons of each are demonstrated in Figure B-1.


As you navigate from one help topic to another, on the QuickBooks Help icon bar, click Back to display previous help topics or click Print to print the current one.

Choosing Help → Access Support Resources provides the same Help content you find in the Help window, but with a different look and feel. The QuickBooks Support Resources window (Figure B-2) focuses on searching for answers to questions. For example, you can search the Knowledgebase for detailed instructions, by clicking “Search the Support Knowledgebase.” If you want to post a message on the QuickBooks message boards to see if someone has an answer ...

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