Appendix B. Help, Support, and Other Resources

Between questions about how to do something in QuickBooks and how to handle something in accounting, you might need help occasionally. Happily, the QuickBooks Help system can actually help. When you open QuickBooks Help, it automatically shows links to topics relevant to what you’re doing in the program. For example, if the Create Invoices window is open, QuickBooks Help tells you how to fill out or edit invoices, customize your invoice form, and so on. You’ll find topics with background info, troubleshooting tips, and even advice on why you should or shouldn’t perform certain steps.

Another option is the Intuit Community. As its name suggests, this help comes from fellow QuickBooks wranglers. They use the program every day just like you and can help uncover solutions, not to mention lots of helpful tricks and tips. If you don’t see a question and answer similar to the question you have, you can post your question. And if you’re a QuickBooks veteran, you can answer someone else’s plea for help.

In this appendix, you’ll learn your way around QuickBooks Help. And, in case you want more help than you find there, you’ll also learn about other resources that might do the trick.

QuickBooks Help

Wherever you are in the program, you can get help by pressing F1 or choosing Help→QuickBooks Help. The “Have a Question?” window opens and displays a list of how-to and troubleshooting topics related to the feature you’re using, as shown in Figure B-1 ...

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