Appendix BSR and CR Projects




This appendix provides a (non-exhaustive) list of the European and French projects in software radio (SR) and cognitive radio (CR) domains. Knowing that these two domains are more and more inter-penetrating1, except the oldest projects that are clearly SR projects, it is very difficult to separate them into two categories of SR and CR projects.

B.1. European projects

In the context of the Advanced Communications Technologies and Services (ACTS) and the Information Society Technologies (IST) programs, Europe has financed a large number of collaborative projects. The notations “completed” and “in progress” refer to a project completed or still active, respectively, while writing the appendix in March 2010. The principal notations are listed below:

– PASTORAL: Platform and Software for Terminals Operationally Reconfigurable, FP4-ACTS (completed);

– FRAMES: Future Radio Wideband Multiple Access Systems, FP4-ACTS (completed);

– RAISIN: RAINbow extenSion for trial INtegration, FP4-ACTS (completed);

– SORT: Software Radio Technology, FP4-ACTS (completed);

– SUNBEAM: Smart Universal Beamforming, FP4-ACTS (completed);

– FIRST: Flexible Integrated Radio System Technology, FP4-ACTS (completed);

– MEDIAN: Wireless Broadband CPN/LAN for Professional and Residential Multimedia Applications, FP4-ACTS (completed);

– SCOUT: Smart User-centric Communication Environment, FP5-IST (completed);

– SODERA: Reconfigurable radio for Software Defined Radio for 3rd generation ...

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