Install Ruby on Rails Manually

Installing Ruby on Rails on Windows is a simple and straightforward process. Thankfully, the One-Click Ruby Installer exists, making it almost painless to get Ruby and RubyGgems installed on our system.

The One-Click Ruby Installer comes prepackaged with a lot of useful libraries. You can obtain this package at

Download version 1.8.6-25 or higher here (see Figure 12):

This version contains the 1.8.6 version of Ruby for Windows and should work just fine for Rails.[1]

RubyForge download page for One-Click Installer

Figure 12. RubyForge download page for One-Click Installer

Download the installer to your machine and run it. Accept all the default options, but make sure that "Enable RubyGems" is checked (see Figure 13).

One-Click Ruby Setup: Enable RubyGems

Figure 13. One-Click Ruby Setup: Enable RubyGems

Updating RubyGems

RubyGems is an installer for Ruby programs or libraries distributed as "gems." It helps manage dependencies and also lets you easily update libraries on your system. You'll use the gem command quite often. The One-Click Ruby Installer installs RubyGems for you along with several other popular gems.

Although RubyGems was installed on your machine when you installed Ruby, it doesn't hurt to check to make sure you have the latest ...

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