Adding the <NativeRouter> component

Let's now add the react-router-native package to the application that we just created:

    npm install --save react-router-native

The NativeRouter component is used in React Native applications to provide routing and navigation support. It enables components such as <Route> and <Link> to be used in the native application. 

Let's first create a side menu that includes a couple of <Link> components: 

import { Link } from 'react-router-native';export class Menu extends Component {    render() {        return (            <ScrollView scrollsToTop={false} style={}>                <View>                    <Link to="/">                        <Text>Home</Text>                    </Link>                    <Link to="/dashboard">                        <Text>Dashboard</Text>                    </Link>                </View>            </ScrollView>        )    }}

The <ScrollView> component is ...

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