abbreviations See also abbreviations and acronyms

Latin, 37

of numbers, 39

periods and, 53

in tables, 73

trademarks and, 190

of units of measurement, 38-39

abbreviations and acronyms

capitalization in spelled out, 36

capitalizing, 27

definition of, 35

in glossaries, 300

in headings, 36, 60

indexing, 308, 313

international audiences and, 170

online documents and, 36

parentheses and, 51

providing pronunciation guide for, 36

punctuating, 37

as trademarks, 190

when to use, 36

“above”, avoiding use of, 126

abstract, description of, 206


assistive technology tools, 245-246

legal requirements for, 245-246

providing alternative text for See alternative text for nontext elements

acronyms See also abbreviations and acronyms

pronunciation ...

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