One of the great business management theorists of all time, Elliott Jaques, believed that human potential is limited. In his seminal book Requisite Organization, and in others, he argued that people's inborn qualities determine their capacity to create personal wealth and succeed in business.[60]

Much of what Jaques had to say about business is invaluable.[15] But this idea—that we are born with limitations—is deplorable.

I recognize that certain physical limitations do present challenges for some people. Basketball players who stop growing at five feet six inches will have a hard time becoming great at that sport. But challenges are sometimes overcome and obstacles bypassed. Mugsy Bogues, at five feet three inches, was a starting guard in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for 14 years. Every time he stole the ball, dribbled it downcourt, and dunked it, it was a repudiation of everyone who ever told him he was too short to play professionally.

Creating a multimillion-dollar business is a lot easier than becoming a professional basketball player. I know. I've been a consultant for such businesses more than a dozen times, and I started out with less natural business talent than Mugsy Bogues' basketball potential.

It's easier than becoming an NBA player, but it's not easy.

In fact, it requires the development of genius.


This is a book about creating and growing multimillion-dollar businesses, but it's ...

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