I hope, by this time, I have convinced you that when you are starting a new business, selling must be your primary job.

This is true even if you don't know anything about selling, if you've never taken a course in marketing and never sold so much as a glass of lemonade on a street corner. As an entrepreneur, you have to become your company's number one salesperson—even if you fear or hate the very idea of selling.

Selling is not optional for the Stage One entrepreneur; it's essential.

And if selling is essential, learning to sell (i.e., developing the knowledge and skills needed to sell your company's main product) is an obligation, not a choice.

In this chapter and in Chapter 6, I will show you how to become an expert at selling your lead product.[23] Don't worry if you don't know anything about selling. Everything you are about to learn is easy. I will teach you one concept and four secrets. You will learn the concept in about five minutes. And it will take you about half an hour to understand the four secrets.

Discovering how to apply the four secrets to your particular business and your particular product—well, that will take a little time. But I am talking about days or possibly weeks, not months.[24]

Your educational objective during the start-up stage of your business is very narrow. All you really want to learn is how to sell one particular product to one particular market. ...

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