As your company's chief executive, the creation of advertising copy is an essential part of your job.

But you don't have to be a copywriter to create copy. You need only know how it's done and what great copy looks like. You can learn the basics very quickly. In fact, you will know them by the time you finish reading this chapter. The next step is to create a copy platform for your product using the cheat sheet I'll give you at the end of this chapter. That will take you just a few hours to complete. The last step is to hire a competent professional copywriter—preferably someone who has experience writing for your industry—and explain what you want done.

Designing an advertising campaign is like designing a house. You have to begin with an idea of what you want—the purpose of the house (first home, second home, pied-à-terre, etc.) and how you want to enjoy it (formal dinners, reading by the fire, plenty of room for children's playthings, etc.). Then you have to translate those needs and desires into a structure (the number and size of the rooms and how they flow together). Finally, you have to tie it all together with a style, something that tells your guests (and reminds you) just what kind of a family lives in that house.

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