Chapter 21

Practice Exam Two

Are you ready for another round of test-taking fun? Like the first practice exam in Chapter 19, this practice exam has 100 questions and is laid out with similar subjects grouped together, even though on the actual exam, subjects will be distributed randomly. I’ve grouped the questions so you can have an easy time determining what your strong and weak areas are. Also remember that a number of state-specific questions on the actual exam will deal with particular laws and practices unique to your state. Review the items marked with the State-Specific icon throughout this book, and study both the materials that you get in your prelicensing course (such as a textbook) and your state’s license law.

Download a fill-in-the-bubble answer sheet from and use it as you take the practice exam. Try to complete the entire test in less than two hours. Chapter 22 contains the correct answers to this exam, plus explanations and cross-references to chapters for review. (Be strong: Don’t check out the answers until you finish the exam.)

You should take this exam only after you’ve completed the first practice exam in Chapter 19 and reviewed the chapters featuring your weaker areas. You also may want to take this exam a second time right before you take your state exam as a refresher. Good luck!

1. A rental building has several different types of insurance. A property manager may want to have which of the following?

(A) Fire and ...

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