3 Principles of DEVS Model Verification for Real-Time Embedded Applications

Hesham Saadawi, Gabriel A. Wainer and Mohammad Moallemi


3.1 Introduction

3.2 Background

3.2.1 Difficulties of DEVS Formal Verification

3.2.2 Rational Time-Advance DEVS

3.3 DEVS Verification Methodology

3.4 Case Study: Controller for an E-Puck Robotic Application

3.4.1 DEVS Model Specification

3.4.2 Implementation on the ECD++ Toolkit

3.4.3 Executing the Models

3.4.4 Verifying the Model

3.5 Conclusions


3.1 Introduction

Embedded real-time (RT) software systems are increasingly used in mission critical applications, where a failure of the system to deliver its function can be catastrophic. Currently existing RT engineering methodologies use modeling ...

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