23 Real-Time Simulation of Physical Systems Using Simscape™

Steve Miller and Jeff Wendlandt


23.1 Introduction

23.1.1 Examples of Real-Time Simulation

23.1.2 Benefits of Real-Time Simulation

23.1.3 Challenges of Real-Time Simulation

23.2 Moving from Desktop to Real-Time Simulation

23.2.1 Procedure for Tuning Solver Settings

23.2.2 Adjusting Models to Make Them Real-Time Capable

23.3 Results And Conclusions


23.1 Introduction

Real-time simulation of multidomain physical system models (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, etc.) requires finding a combination of model complexity, solver choice, solver settings, and real-time target that permit execution in real time. A better understanding of the trade-offs involved in each of ...

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