Appendix A. Additional Resources

The following open source Apache Foundation projects are the inspiration for the revolution described in this book.

Apache Hadoop
A distributed computing system for large-scale data
Apache HBase
A non-relational NoSQL database that runs on Hadoop

The following projects provide core tools among those described in this book.

Apache Drill
A flexible, ad hoc SQL-on-Hadoop query engine that can use nested data
Apache Hive
A SQL-like query engine, the first to provide this type of approach for Hadoop
Apache Spark
An in-memory query processing tool that includes a realtime processing component
Apache Storm
Realtime stream processing tool
Apache Kafka
Message-queuing system
Apache Solr
Search technology based on Apache Lucene
Search technology based on Apache Lucene

The use cases described in this book are based on the Hadoop distribution from MapR Technologies.

For cluster validation, there is a github repository that contains a variety of preinstallation tests that are used by MapR to verify correct hardware operation. Since these are preinstallation tests, they can be used to validate clusters before installing other Hadoop distributions as well.

Additional Publications

The authors have also written these short books published by O’Reilly that provide additional detail about some of the techniques mentioned in the Hadoop and NoSQL use cases covered in this book.

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