A&D Raw files, 184

Absolute World Coordinates, 226

Accurate Visual Representation (AVR), 189

Add Layer Mask, 173, 197

Add/Edit DBR Host dialog, 86

Additional Color map, 48

Adopt the File’s Unit Scale option, 6

Advanced Parameters rollout, 223

Advanced Rendering Options rollout

in Arch & Design material, 45–48

changing FG/GI Multiplier value, 161

changing refraction color, 112

enabling Transparency Propagates Alpha Channel, 166

Indirect Illumination Options, 163, 237

Advanced Transparency Options, 112, 211

AEC Extended objects, 8

Aerial Perspective (When Used as Lens/Volume Shader Only) Group, 258

Affect Pivot Only button, 17

After Dark Group, 255

alpha channel, 166, 173

Ambient Occlusion (AO), 37, 113–114

Ambient Occlusion material, ...

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