N, definition of, 20-8
N-type semiconductor, definition of, 20-8
n-variable theorems, switching algebra, 43-9–10
NA, definition of, 20-8
NAND gate, definition of, 20-6
Napier’s analogies, 47-16
National Association of Broadcasters, 35-27
National Electrical Manufacturers Association, 5-4
National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), 1-2–3
Native oxide removal techniques, comparison of, 20-87–89
Natural frequency, vibration, 49-24
Natural noise, 34-2–3
Natural sampling, pulse amplitude modulation, 23-11
Nautical mile, 3-16
agencies, major, 37-2
aids, radio, 37-3–8
system, satellite, 37-5–8
NAVSTAR, 37-6–8
ND, definition of, 20-8
exact, dipoles, 32-13
power density, antenna, 32-7–8 ...

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