CHAPTER 14The Experts Speak—A Look Ahead

This final chapter includes commentary from experts in the field about where we may be headed with Regulation A+ and other alternative techniques to initial public offerings (IPOs). It is quite different from the same chapter we included in the first and second editions of the reverse merger book, because so many things have changed in the eight years since publishing the second edition.

Indeed, any attempt at pinning down current trends in the area of alternatives to IPOs is like taking a picture of a fast‐moving train as it speeds past you. What was true a year or two ago, or even six months ago, is not true today. Some of what appears in this edition may not even be applicable by the time the book is published because of changes in the financial marketplace, regulatory amendments, and other developments. The only thing we can rely on is that I can repeat this paragraph in every book on the subject that I write (and I have!).

Even though it is difficult, the intent of this chapter is to predict the future. What is an important trend now? What trend is up and coming? What will be an important trend one year from now? For this, we turn to the experts.

The cast, in alphabetical order, includes:

  • Teri Buhl, investigative journalist and Reg A+ specialist at the popular industry newsletter Growth Capitalist
  • David Bukzin, senior partner with national CPA firm Marcum LLP, who has audited a number of Reg A+ issuers
  • Cromwell Coulson, president ...

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