What Is Component Detail?

Component detail refers to the many premade models that represent specific elements associated with buildings, interiors, and outdoor settings (Fig. 13.1, Fig. 13.2). They range from windows to street lights and benches to kitchen appliances, fixtures, books, and crockery. These representative models can be downloaded from the web and inserted into models.

Fig. 13.1: Rendered image of interior detail components (Twilight Render)


Fig. 13.2: Rendered image of exterior detail components (Shaderlight)


Base-Model Articulation and Detailing

There is a difference between using components for base-model articulation and for detailing. Components used for base-model articulation help the building, interior, or site-plan model reflect the form and space of the design intent. Components used for detailing are intended to accentuate the model’s design. Listed here are some general base-model typologies. Their use is intended as a general approach; the appropriateness and results will depend on the space and its use.

Interior Base Models

Interior models are defined by floors, ceilings, walls, partitions, doors, windows, and a minimal amount of furnishings and objects paralleling the space’s intent (Fig. 13.3, Fig. 13.4). Some examples of minimal furnishings are the ...

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