Controlling Layers with Scenes

When you save a scene, SketchUp will remember which layers were visible or hidden when the scene was created or last saved. Clicking on a scene will return the visible or hidden layers to that scene’s setting. You won’t have to turn layers on or off through the Layer menu; the software with do that task for you in one simple click.

Creating On/Off Scenes

When you’re creating On/Off scenes during the modeling phase, uncheck the Camera Location button (Fig. 14.23). This will allow the detail to be toggled off or on from any position in the model, instead of being returned to a set view every time. Recheck the Camera Location box before you create a scene in which you want to retain the camera view. Failure to do so will prevent the camera position from being preserved.

Fig. 14.23: In the Scene menu, Camera Location is unchecked and Visible Layers (and other options) are checked, indicating that SketchUp should remember those properties when it creates a new scene.


Off Scenes

Off scenes should be used to turn off (hide) model component layers that cause the computer to slow down. For example, turn off all vegetation layers, and then create the scene (Fig. 14.24). Off scenes will allow you to model, pan, zoom, and orbit with ease.

To create an Off scene, follow these steps:

1. Open the Layers menu (Window ⇒ Layers).
2. Turn off (uncheck) Component ...

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