Backdrops are images or objects placed in the SketchUp model background to provide context and fill in gaps. Backdrops range from city skylines, vegetated yards, to views outside of windows and settings specific to the model. This section describes two ways to add backdrops to a SketchUp model (Fig. 15.16, Fig. 15.17).

Fig. 15.16: The rendered interior needs a backdrop (Shaderlight).


Fig. 15.17: A backdrop is added in Photoshop.


Other methods can be used to add backdrops. No one method is superior, and the use of some backdrops will depend on the user’s skill level (for example, knowing how to use Photoshop) and the desired result.

Photoshop Postproduction

Using a photo-editing program, you can add backdrop images to a rendering during the postproduction phase (Fig. 15.18, Fig. 15.19). Part 7 reviews postproduction methods you can use.

Fig. 15.18: Marina and buildings (Twilight Render)


Fig. 15.19: A backdrop is added to the rendered image in Photoshop.


IRP Backdrops

Shaderlight and Twilight IRPs allow you to insert image files into a rendering (Fig. 15.20, Fig. 15.21 ...

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