Shaderlight Lighting Options

Shaderlight uses the same basic lighting system outlined in Chapter 24. This includes using point, spot, IES lighting profiles, and light-emitting materials (LEM) (Fig. 29.2, Fig. 29.3). The placement and use of those lights follows the universal method outlined in that chapter. Shaderlight also included two unique options:

  • Skylight portal
  • Area lights

Skylight Portals

This unique feature offers an exciting way to light a scene. The skylight is a square surface light placed over windows and open portals. It samples exterior lighting and streams it into the scene, just as with a real skylight or window (Fig. 29.6, Fig. 29.7).

Fig. 29.2: Shaderlight point light


Fig. 29.3: Rendering of point light


Fig. 29.4: Shaderlight spotlight


Fig. 29.5: Rendering of spotlight


Fig. 29.6: The red circle over the geometry of the portal indicates the direction the light will emit.


Fig. 29.7: Skylight Portal rendering

Unlike all of the other lighting in the model, ...

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