Note: Page numbers followed by b indicate boxes, f indicate figures, and t indicate tables.


AC inverter 
audio noise and 86
EMI in 85
nominal voltage in 83
operational frequency range in 84
power factor in 85, 85f
power rating 83
standby power of 86
THD in 84, 84f
utility isolation in 85
utility voltage thresholds for 83
AC wind generators 
induction 137, 154–159, 155f
advantages and disadvantages of 157–158
cross-section of 156f
double output 158–160, 159f
equivalent circuit of 156, 157f
principles of operation and components of 156–159
torque speed characteristics of 157, 158f
Synchronous principle of operation 137, 152–154
regular Synchronous 152–154, 153f
permanent magnet 154, 155f
Acid rain 
areas affected by 20–21, 20f, 21f
compounds in 18–19
creation process ...

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