Appendix D. Atom Syndication Format

This appendix provides a quick overview of how to use Atom entry and feed documents for resources. Figures D-1 and D-2 show a high-level view of the structure of Atom entry and feed elements. For a complete description of these elements, see RFC 4287.

Atom entry
Figure D-1. Atom entry
Atom feed
Figure D-2. Atom feed

Key Elements of Feeds and Entries

Here is a list of the key elements within the Atom entry and feed elements. Note that both feeds and entries are extensible, and you can introduce new attributes and elements.


Contained in: atom:feed and atom:entry

The atom:author element represents the person or entity that created the entry or feed. It can contain several child elements including atom:name, atom:uri, and atom:email. A single Atom entry or feed can contain more than one atom:author element. Each atom:author element should have at least an atom:name element. The atom:uri and atom:email elements are optional.

Here is an example of the atom:author element:

<atom:author xmlns:atom="">
  <atom:name>J. P. Williams</atom:name>

If the Atom feed has an atom:author element, each Atom entry need not have an atom:author element. Also, ...

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