Chapter 7The Control Rig

The Control Rig

So here we finally are. Time to put all of the tidbits we’ve covered in the past chapters into action.

As with Meep, we are going to start working our way from the ground up, starting with the leg setup. Figure out the features you’ll want to incorporate in your rig and list them in order. We will go over the steps of actually building the rig bit by bit to understand the process first, and then see how to apply that as code. Here are the things we want to see in our leg rig:

  1. Both IK and FK systems
  2. Stretchy joints
  3. Multiple foot pivot points (heel, ball of foot, toe)
  4. Knee control

If you have done any humanoid rigging in the last decade or so, you are probably familiar with the IK reverse foot setup. A ...

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