19.2 Example Analysis

In this example, a corporation is planning on locating a new factory in one of several locations within a city. A general map of Medium City is shown in Figure 19.1. Approximately 50,000 people live in this city. The city has the following:

  • three fire stations;
  • one hospital;
  • a community college;
  • two grade schools;
  • one high schools;
  • one junior high schools;
  • three minor factories;
  • a train yard;
  • a shopping mall.

Figure 19.1 General layout of the Medium City.


These are located on the map. The bulk of the city sits more than 12 ft above the river, but the western side of the city is only 6 ft above the river. The river flows west to east. In addition to the flood hazard, the city can experience tornados, high winds, thunderstorms, and hail storms and has a moderate Earthquake risk. The prevalent wind direction is from southwest to northeast.

The factory will manufacture food flavorings. It will employ 2000 workers. It will use four chemicals to manufacture the flavorings. These chemicals are listed in Table 19.1.

Table 19.1 List of Chemicals

Hazardous Quantity to be
Chemical nature stored on site
Chemical A Highly flammable, high vapor pressure (gas at room temperature), highly toxic 10,000 gal
Chemical B Combustible, solid at room temperature, highly toxic 20,000 lb
Chemical C Combustible, liquid at room temperature, low toxicity 5,000 gal
Chemical ...

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