Summary Table: Chapter 9 Command Review

Command Description
area area-id authentication[message-digest] Enables type 1 or type 2 authentication for an area.
area area-id default-cost cost Specifies a cost for the default route sent into a stub area by an ABR.
area area-id nssa [no-redistribution][default-information-originate][no-summary] Configures an area as not-so-stubby (NSSA).
area area-id range address mask Summarizes addresses into or out of an area.
area area-id stub [no-summary] Configures an area as a stub or totally stubby area.
area area-id virtual-link router-id Defines a virtual link between ABRs.
debug ip ospf adj Shows the events involved in the building or breaking of an OSPF adjacency.
ip ospf authentication-key ...

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