Appendix A. Sources of Linux Information

This appendix contains information on various online sources of Linux information. While all of these documents are available electronically from the Internet or BBS systems, many are also available in printed form. Many Linux distributions also include much of this documentation in the distribution itself, so after you have installed Linux, these files may be present on your system. The Bibliography lists a number of books and other materials that relate to topics we have discussed in this book.

The best place for free documentation on Linux is the Linux Documentation Project site, which Matt Welsh set up. The URL for the main site is:

but there are many mirror sites around the world, one of which may be more convenient for you because it’s closer or has less traffic. The site contains all of the online Linux documents, manuals, HOWTOs, and pointers to many other locations.

Online Documents

These documents should be available on any of the Linux FTP archive sites. If you do not have direct access to FTP, you will probably also find them on any decent Linux distribution CD-ROM.

In particular, the following documents may be found on in the directory /pub/Linux/docs. Many sites mirror this directory; however, if you’re unable to locate a mirror site near you, this is a good one to fall back on. HOWTOs and Linux Documentation Project manuals are listed in the Bibliography which also lists other ...

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