Chapter 5

Processing Your Customer Paperwork

In This Chapter

  • Entering sales invoices manually
  • Posting credit notes
  • Allocating customer receipts
  • Getting rid of invoices and credit notes

In this chapter I show you how to process the sales invoices for your company. If you want to process invoices created manually or from another system, such as Microsoft Word, this is the chapter for you. Alternatively, if you prefer to produce your sales invoices directly from Sage, check out Chapter 6.

Posting Batch Entry Invoices

Don't you just groan when you see a huge pile of invoices that you need to enter? Sage can help you speed your way through those invoices by letting you post batches of invoices. In other words, you can enter several invoices on the same screen and post them all at the same time as a batch on to the system – post simply means enter information into an account.

You can use this method to record sales invoices raised from a system other than Sage. For example, you can issue invoices with Microsoft Word and then enter the invoices on to Sage by using batch entry.


You can enter any number of invoices in one sitting. For example, if you have 20 invoices to process for the day, you can enter them all on to one screen and then check the total of the batch to ensure accuracy. Larger companies often process large quantities of invoices in a number of smaller batches, making processing ...

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