Chapter 7

Managing Activities

In This Chapter

arrow Looking into Salesforce activities

arrow Making new activities

arrow Managing activities

arrow Changing activities

Activities in Salesforce are scheduled calendar events and tasks. In many ways, the events and tasks in Salesforce are just like the activities you use in Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, or any other productivity application. You can schedule events on your calendar, invite people to meetings, book a conference room, and add tasks to your to-do lists so that you don’t forget to get things done.

tip.eps You can synchronize Salesforce with Outlook so that you don’t have to input activities twice. (See Chapter 3 to install and configure Salesforce for Outlook.)

However, Salesforce takes activities further: You can easily link events and tasks to other related records, such as accounts, contacts, and so on. You can view activities both in the context of a relevant item (for example, all activities that relate to an account) and as a stand-alone from your ...

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