Chapter 3. Starting and Saving Your Work

Last hour, you learned a couple of ways to open a blank image file. I sneaked it in ahead of this hour so you could try out some tools. But in this hour I’ll review that task and add some details about how to save what you create.

In this hour you will

  • Create a new image file

  • Browse for an image file to work on

  • Save a new image

  • Save changes to an image

  • Undo changes to an image

  • Change an image’s resolution

  • Prepare an image for use on the Web

Starting a New Image File

Let’s take another quick look at the New dialog box before we move on. Here it is again, in Figure 3.1, just to refresh your memory.

The New dialog box is used to create a new image file.

Figure 3.1. The New ...

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