A book of this scope (and heft!) requires the hard work and dedication of numerous people. Most of them are at Sams Publishing in Indianapolis, and to them I owe considerable thanks—in particular, to Boris Minkin, Barbara Hacha, Elaine Wiley, and Mark Taber. Most of all, thanks to my wife, Mary, and my sons, Max, Eli, and Sam.

I’d also like to thank readers who have sent helpful comments about corrections, typos, and suggested improvements regarding this book and its prior editions. The list includes the following people: Dave Barton, Patrick Benson, Ian Burton, Lawrence Chang, Jim DeVries, Ryan Esposto, Kim Farr, Sam Fitzpatrick, Bruce Franz, Owen Gailar, Rich Getz, Bob Griesemer, Jenny Guriel, Brenda Henry-Sewell, Ben Hensley, ...

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