Preparations for App Development

SDK Download and Installation



Chapter 3 will demonstrate downloading the Samsung SmartTV SDK and configuring an actual development environment on a Windows-based system.

SDK Download and Installation

Previewing the SDF

As mentioned previously, the Samsung SmartTV SDK can be downloaded and installed from the Samsung Developers Forum (http://www.samsungdforum.com). Select the SDK menu from the site's top-most menu bar to open the next page.


Figure 3-1. The SDK Page on the SDF

Select the SDK menu's submenu, the “SDK Download,” to open the download page for the SDK.


Figure 3-2. The SDK Download Page

The SDK Download page provides the latest SDK 4.5 version, as well as previous versions, for Windows and other operating systems. It also provides system requirements on hardware and software for SmartTV application development, and release notes.

The SDF had supported only the Windows operating system in the past, but started also supporting Linux and Mac since SDK version 4.0. However, it is still better to use the Windows version since the Linux and Mac versions have limitations on functions and APIs.

The SDF also provides an Emulator image for Oracle VirtualBox to support running the Emulator on Linux and Mac operating systems, ...

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