Advanced Features


Smart Interaction

File API



The previous chapters already described the basic Samsung SmartTV application features. This chapter will describe more complex additional features such as the camera and SI (Smart Interaction).


Samsung SmartTV can use both the internal and an external camera. Let's see how the cameras are controlled in an application.

The SDF provides intensive camera-related API guides, including how to set initial position and size of the camera window, that are sufficient for developing an application with the camera feature.

“Fitness VOD” is a good example that uses the camera feature. It offers “Virtual Mirror” that shows a user's action on the screen using the camera feature, so that the user can closely compare a professional coach and herself. The application is available on the Samsung SmartTV App Store.


Figure 13-1. Fitness VOD Application

A user can also control sizes of VOD and the Virtual Mirror (camera) windows with three preset modes.


Figure 13-2. Changing Window Sizes in the Fitness VOD Application

The SDF's DTV Web Device API provides all camera-related API functions. Unlike the IME or AVPlayer, no complex exception handling is needed to add the camera capability. The API simply supports turning ...

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