© Suman Mukherjee and Saptaparna Mukherjee (Das) 2017

Suman Mukherjee and Saptaparna Mukherjee (Das), SAP MII , https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-2814-2_5

5. SAP MII Implementation in Process Manufacturing

Suman Mukherjee and Saptaparna Mukherjee (Das)1

(1)Kolkata, West Bengal, India

This chapter provides an overview of process manufacturing and the industries that fall under this kind of manufacturing. It also explains how SAP MII and its related modules can be used to provide solutions to those industries.

Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturing is slightly more complex than discrete manufacturing. It involves the conversion or transformation of raw materials to produce the final product. It is not possible to separate the materials involved ...

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