Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Named Entities

2.1. Introduction to Named Entities

2.2. Business Scenarios

2.2.1. Example: Pinpointing Location Information

2.2.2. Example: Identifying Supporters and Competitors

2.2.3. Example: Estimating Loss, Gain, and Risk

2.2.4. Example: Detecting Personally Identifiable Information

2.3. The SAS Approach

2.3.1. Understanding Standard Predefined Concepts

2.3.2. Understanding Underlying Principles

2.3.3. Accessing the Predefined Concepts

2.1. Introduction to Named Entities

One of the easiest ways to get started with information extraction (IE) is by leveraging the SAS Text Analytics predefined concepts, which contain rules for matching what is known in the scientific literature as named entities. In this chapter ...

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