Chapter 7: CONCEPT_RULE Type

7.1. Introduction to the CONCEPT_RULE Type

7.2. Basic Use

7.3. Advanced Use: Multiple and Embedded Operators

7.4. Advanced Use: Negation Using NOT

7.5. Advanced Use: Negation Using UNLESS

7.6. Advanced Use: Coreference and Aliases

7.7. Troubleshooting

7.8. Best Practices

7.9. Summary

7.1. Introduction to the CONCEPT_RULE Type

In chapter 6, you learned about three of the concept rule types: CLASSIFIER, CONCEPT, and C_CONCEPT. The focus of chapter 7 is the fourth rule type in this group: CONCEPT_RULE.

This rule type is unique among the concept rule types because it enables the use of operators that specify the distance that your elements can be from one another and still trigger a match. These operators include standard ...

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